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Our Portfolio

A set of all those projects which has been running successfull buisnesses for our clients.

Cloud Manager

My Cloud Data is an application based on idea to manage your Data Cloud account. You can access the three different types of Data cloud services. Which has been listed below. One will also be able to get download and upload files. Also you can copy/move/delete/rename files and can create any new Folder.


Online Ticker Reservation

It is a Window Desktop application designed for Marhaba Travel Agency . A user can reserve any Airline Ticket online


Cloud Manager

Application is totally designed for Baby and child. This will entertain them with amazing and strange stories, fruitful lesson, the funny pictures. This will familiarize the child with different types of animals,birds,and vehicle. The child will also see the picture and name of any of these item and can listen the sound produced by these items.


Kid Story

You can find out a lot of funny,strange and entertaining stories for your kid. There are two types of story one which can easily understable by Kids, and other are in Text form which they will get while mother read and listen to them


Diet & Exercise

This application will help and guide you, that how to get good health while care about you balanced diet and good exercise. It will also help in preparing best breakfast, lunch and dinner meal. Features included: >> Diet for men, women and kids >> Exercise for men, women and Kids


Friends Locator

Friends Locator is an application which is usually used by those people who have hundreds or thousands of Phone contacts and they don't remember any one by name when they go some where. But they need to contact some one there for help or for other reason.


Baby Sleeper

Application is designed to find out your lost phone


Task List

Tasks List will make you able for doing your task and jobs on exact day and exact timing. It will remind you about your Incomplete Tasks and those Tasks which you should be accomplish today. Even it will also help in testing and showing your punctuality and regularity and display the result in percentage. Means now you can find out your promptness.


Taxi Cab

Taxi Cab is an application which will shows and display all those TAXI nearest to your location. You can have TAXI Driver's phone, email and other contact